Who is NOLALocStar? Erica Williams-Parks is a master natural hair stylist with over fifteen (15) years of natural hair experience. Erica has gained recognition as one of the best natural hair stylists both for her outstanding customer service and her work.

Erica is a Sisterlock ™ practitioner, certified non-surgical hair loss specialist and is in school to become a licensed barber. She practices Sisterlock ™ establishment and maintenance, regular loc maintenance, loc styling, loc repair and permanent loc extension installation.

Erica promotes growing and maintaining healthy hair, transition cuts, coloring and client education. While her experience is vast, she continues her education through attending hair shows, seminars and will soon complete barbering school in 2018.

She works closely with her clients to achieve natural hair that is healthy and long. Her signature is one that allows both women and men to express themselves individually and naturally.

Simply put Erica says, ‘let me love on your hair’ to make your vision a reality.