Rosewater for your hair

Rosewater for your hair? Yes, rosewater. No one likes crunchy locs. You’re never heard of rosewater. It is actually what the name suggests: a flavored water made by steeping rose petals in water. When my locstars come in and tell me how dry brittle their hair, I recommend rosewater. Rosewater can be found Whole Foods, The VitaminContinue reading Rosewater for your hair

Buildup in Locs

I often surf the Internet looking at different YouTube videos. To my dismay, there are so YouTube videos about natural hair and locs (dreadlocks) only to get clicks not to inform. Sometimes I laugh at the misinformation that is spewed from their mouths. But it frustrates me that anyone can talk about a subject withoutContinue reading Buildup in Locs

A Journey to Healthy Hair

Thanks for joining me at NOLALocStar. While I am a very busy loctician, I always wanted to share information about natural hair and locs (dreadlocks). Therefore, I will share with you healthy tips for your hair, products I recommend, and a little girl talk, too. #LetMeLoveOnYourHair