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Hair loss can be stressful. We can help! 

Have you been silently been suffering from hair loss? Thinning? Alopecia?

Are you running out of options and not sure what do? Has this problem caused you to question your beauty or changed your social life?

If so, it’s time to get your groove back.

Hair loss is a problem that many of us face. It can be a medical condition or even as simple as stress! (Not really simple, eh!) The cost of surgical hair replacement can be very costly. Although most insurance will pay some of the cost, you still have to deal with recovery time. And as we all know, time IS money.

New Orleans Hair Solutions has another solution that requires no recovery time and can still be paid by your insurance company. New Orleans Hair Solutions offers a non-surgical hair replacement service. We can work with your insurance company or set up on a payment plan whichever works best for you.

You will receive continued support and service no need to find a new stylist and worry about your appearance. We have licensed cosmetologists and hair loss specialists that allows convenience and a peace of mind.

We will work with your dermatologist and/or oncologist if you are under treatment that we don’t disrupt your treatment and find the best solution for you.