In order to best accommodate the needs of your schedule and the upkeep and maintenance of your hair, I recommend that each of my clients book their upcoming appointments in advance.

In the best consideration of my clients’ time as well as mine, I respectfully ask that a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice is given for any appointment changes or cancellations.

In accordance with my cancellation policy, I will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of last-minute appointment cancellations and 100% of the reserved service for no-shows.

To be clear, last-minute appointment cancellations are less than twenty-four (24) hours notice. 


Pricing of my salon services is based on my experience and education along with the demands of my time.

Please note that my service pricing may increase based on additional time or product required to accommodate the needs of your hair.

All color services require a consultation. You cannot book an color appointment without a color consultation. 

All prices are subject to change and do not include gratuity

In the case of any dissatisfaction with the service you have received, I am happy to provide you the opportunity to return to the salon to redo the service.

My policy for a redo service is that you must call us within seven (7) business days of the original service.


I welcome all children with a scheduled appointment.

However, in the best interest of the salon and your child’s safety, NOLALocStar does not hold liability for your children if they are running, spinning, or climbing on chairs, touching or playing with cords or tools, choose to touch items from stylist stations, or open any closed drawers within the space during their visit.

The stations, drawers, chairs and various tools that I utilize to perform services on our clients are meant to be touched only by me.

The salon space has various hot tools that have temperatures over 400 degrees F. The drawers contain sharp objects such as scissors and razor blades along with other chemicals and irritants that could be potentially dangerous to unsuspecting children. The various tools I use are meant to be utilized by our trained professionals only.

As appealing as big, hydraulic, spinning salon chairs can seem for little ones, I cannot allow children to play on, stand on, spin in or other utilize salon chairs for any other purpose aside from sitting in.

Please note that any and all staff members of the salon are encouraged to discourage this behavior in the best interest and safety of all children.

I want to provide a great client experience for all scheduled clients. The salon has limited seating. Therefore, we discourage to bring any additional people to your scheduled appointment.