A new logo

Since I moved to a new location, you’ve seen a new name. A few people have asked me, “Why the name change?” A few years ago I thought I would get serious and incorporate my business as Headliners Salon & Spa, LLC. I did. But I’d been branding myself as NOLALocStar. It amazed me when people would come up to me and ask me if I was NOLALocStar. I don’t know if I’ll get used to that. Thus, my DBA is Headliners by NOLALocStar.

Let me tell a little bit about Headliners by NOLALocStar. Those few hours that my clients sit in my chair are a rare occasion that my clients can escape work, parenthood and essentially their everyday lives. Just like a bartender and cab driver I get an ear full as I hear all about my clients’ lives, good, bad and ugly. Therefore, those hours should be a much-needed reset for my clients.

One thing I did not want is to be the stereotypical ‘black’ salon. The long waits. The double-booking. The general ‘unprofessionalism’. These are a few reasons that I’ve heard over the years from clients on why they hate black salons. In years past I had clients who were late. I figured if you didn’t respect my time that I didn’t respect yours. But I realized that I was being passive-aggressive. I had to do and be better. I had to learn that I had to stick up for myself and teach my clients (and everyone in my life) how I wanted to be treated.  

Over the last year, I started to use StyleSeat, an online scheduler that my clients can use to book their appointments. With StyleSeat my clients can book anytime they want. This guarantees my clients (or potential clients) a timeslot. My scheduled appointments come first. If I get a walk-in as I sometimes do, I let them know that my scheduled appointments are a priority. Therefore, I will stop the walk-in’s hair and start on my appointment for their scheduled time. Prior to StyleSeat, I would double-book sometimes because I forgot to write someone down in a schedule book. This eliminates this. And I want my clients to know that their time is valuable to me.

In my space I want you to relax, relate and release like Whitley Gilbert on A Different World. I offer coffee, tea or hot chocolate as you let me love on your hair. For most services (not for Sisterlocks ™ services) I give you a complimentary shampoo and condition before your hair service. I have complimentary consultations except for Sisterlocks™ and loc extension consultation to discuss your hair and service.  I’ve done Facetime and Skype consultations for clients who live away from New Orleans. I do all of this because I want you to be clear about what you want and the price for that service. While I am usually busy, I am a text or DM away. If I do not answer you right away, just know I will get to you before the day ends (usually).

What I realized it’s not that hard to give good customer service. I don’t think anyway. All it takes is for you to be respectful, communicate clearly and welcoming. Come check me out at 4141 Bienville Ave, Studio 10, New Orleans, LA70119 or slide in my DMs for any hair-related questions or concerns.